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2016 Releases


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Hero with a Thousand Faces, Joseph Campbell

The Quality of Mercy, Pope Francis

Custer's Trials, T.J. Styles, (Pulitzer prize winner)

A Self-Made Man: ... Lincoln, Sidney Blumenthal.

The Man Who Stalked Einstein, Bruce J. Hillman The Mathews Men, William Geroux

The Last Days of Stalin, Joshua Rubenstein

Lost Sound ...Radio Storytelling, Jeff Porter

The Blessing of Humility, Jerry Bridges

Earth Awakens, Orson Scott Card

Assholes: ... Donald Trump, Aaron James

Fever at Dawn, (A novel) Peter Gardos



Arthur Morey has recorded over 250 titles in history, fiction, science and other genres. He has also directed 35 audiobooks. He has been nominated for Audies six times and has more than 20 Audiofile earphone awards. He speaks Italian and French and has worked with German, Polish, Russian, Hungarian, Yiddish, Arabic, Scandinavian languages, Japanese, and East Asian languages....






Ulysses S. Grant had an unpromising youth. He was not charismatic. But he led the Army of Virginia and secured the Civil War for the North. During his presidency, despite scandals, he began reconstruction of the South. In his sixties, broke and dying of cancer, he wrote his Memoirs, compared by Twain to Caesar's Commentaires. Here is a mammoth biography by Lincoln scholar Ronald C. White Recording in July for Brilliance.


The Running Game, an eco-thriller set in Oregon by Trevor Scott, Dreamscape. Recording now.




"Arthur Morey's voice is a velvet hammer: at once compassionate, gentle, forceful, and authoritative."


 -- AudioFile


June 4, 2016

Just recorded Norman Mailer's The Fight (Ali-Frazier in Zaire). "Our most beautiful man" Mailer calls him. One of our most principled. Then did  Miami and The Siege of Chicago (Humphrey, Nixon, Vietnam, Chicago riots). Politics as crazy as today's. Now starting Mailer's The Spooky Art, on writing.


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