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Lost Sound, The Forgotten Art of Radio Storytelling, Jeff Porter

Miami and the Siege of Chicago, Norman Mailer,

American Ulysses: A Life of Ulysses S. Grant, Ronald C. White

A Self-Made Man, The Political Career of Abraham Lincoln, Richard Blumenthal

The Last Days of Stalin, Joshua Rubenstein



Some other audiobooks I've read on earlier American History:


Jerome Charyn, I Am Abraham (a novel)

Carl Sandberg, Abraham Lincoln, The Prairie Years, the War Years

Steve Vogel, Through the Perilous Fight

David S. Reynolds, Waking Giant

Scott Miller, The President and the Assassin

James Davidson, A Little History of the United States


Critical praise for Unllikely Allies:


"This book is written in Engllish--with plentiful French...Arthur Morey's command of the two languages changes a zirconium into a diamond as he masterfully delivers the true story of 'a merchant, a playwright and a cross-dressing spy.' ...read(s) like a complex and compelling novel."